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The show starts at 8pm in the UK but is shown nation-wide. This is prime time in England and throughout Europe. Of course in some countries the show went out late, but people still stayed up to watch the show. The Titles which where used on Most Wanted are very fast and last for 25 seconds. The music is very dramatised and very fast beat. The music was very ‘danger music’ This starts the show of very exciting, with the viewer expecting something naughty but humours.

The first shot starts with a shot of club bed cheering very loudly. The camera moves left and right very quickly on a freehand camera. This is continuing the theme of the titles.The second shot is of the presenter, Ray Cokes, who is holding up a chair and being stupid and this shot also lasts for around 5 seconds with the sound of club bed (the audience) still Cheering very loud.The third shot is of club bed and is almost identical to the first shot and then back to the presenter.The very first few shots are very important for a programe like Most Wanted, who have to entertain a very difficult viewer from the start (see my target audience section). By making out the shot is very loud, stupid and entertaining, the first few shots get this across to the viewer.It’s also important to mention that Most Wanted kept within the structure of the channel, MTV.The presenter, Ray Cokes, then introduces the show with a few jokes referring to his on-screen relationship with his floor manager, Nina.The camera shots range from Medium close up to mid shots. They then introduce the viewer to everyone who is working on that nights show. This is achieved by the presenter talking to the crewmember and the shot being in the television. (So the presenter is in the middle of the screen, with two television to the left, where on one screen the crew member that is being spoken to and on the other the phone number.) They played around with this, by trying to confuse the presenter and make it more entertaining.This was a clever idea but could not be used for a long period of time, as this would irritate the viewer.

Ray spoke to the crewmembers by making jokes about them and they would join in and make jokes about him, often not heard on the screen, but heard in the audience. They did have a boom microphone in the studio to pick up any comments.They then introduce who is singing live on the show that night. The presenter would tell the viewer a little about the band and then they would show a bit of the video on one of the television monitors behind the presenter and the camera would go closer in.

The phone and fax numbers to contact the show where always shown on one of the television monitors. The reason for this is because the show was very interactive and was always requesting the viewer to phone and fax. By having the numbers on screen most of the time made it possible for the viewer to find out the number at most times without irritating any viewers not wishing to phone up.They would have irritated viewers if the numbers where shown on the screen during the whole of the show, as the picture would have less space. (MTV logo) (To make it very clear what im saying, The numbers where not ‘printed’ on the screen but part of the background). They produced a little videotape that was shown every evening at the start of the show that had current MTV presenters reading out one of the numbers.Some of the presenters would do rude signs with the fingers indicating the number. The actual idea of giving the viewer the number in this form was a very good idea and it worked. The viewer would pay much attention and would remember it because it was different, but not so different that they didn’t understand. It was clever and unique.All that was the introduction to the show and was very entertaining for the viewer watching. There was interaction between the presenter and the crew working, there was the flirting relationship with Nina, it was very fast and funny and got across who was on the show and gave out the numbers to phone / fax in. It was one of the best starts the show had ever had. A lot of shows think that having fast paced music in the background when the presenter is talking is the way of making the show entertaining for an older teenage audience. Most Wanted only ever used sound effects that made stupid sounds, and this was only ever used when something stupid or funny was said. If Most Wanted contained music in the background it wouldn’t have suited the show and would change the show totally. After the phone and fax numbers are given out they eventually get to the main section of this part of the show.The show is broken up into 5 parts. They make parts of the show by splitting them up between commercial breaks. In every part they have an ‘main item.’The main item in the first part of the show is a serious part of Most Wanted but goes terribly wrong.The presenter tells the viewer what is happening in Moscow and tells the viewer that they are going to phone up a pub in Moscow to find out more information. They make a very serious issue a bit more light hearted by phoning a pub and this keeps to the style of Most Wanted and MTV. The programe is making young viewers aware in an entertainment show and Most Wanted was able to get away with it. This item of the show does not go very well. Problems with the phone lines and that they are unable to get a good conversation, but the presenter was able to get some facts across to the viewer without showing to much that this was going terribly wrong.

The show is then led into a break and this finishes the first part of the show. During the first part Most Wanted has given the viewer an idea of what’s on the show, phone numbers, their faxes, entertainment with the people in the studio and important information about the situation across Europe with details about what is happening in Moscow.The only problem with the part was that there was no real cliffhanger for the viewer. The band playing live were not that well known and they didn’t really tell the viewer why they should stay tuned (what’s still to come), but I believe that they were able to get away with it. I believe this because the first part was entertaining and you could sense that this show was going to be entertaining.We get the break titles, which is the end part of the main titles and they last around 5-8 seconds.

The first main shot is of club bed. The shot is almost the same as the first shot from the start of the show –Freehand camera and very wavy. The second shot is of Ray Cokes, the presenter, with a rope thinking about hanging himself. I think that this was not planed and just an idea the presenter had during the break. I think this because the floor manager, Nina- The person Ray is having an on-screen relationship with, tells him that "young impressionable people might be watching." Ray then explains to the viewers that it’s not the right answer by using the tone Nina gave to him.You’re straight back into the show and by now you have already forgotten about the break.The presenter reads some faxes out that they have already received during the event of the show. The shots used during the reading of the faxes very from medium close up to close up. Ray then promotes the last ever show that was to be shown on the Friday of that week. They tell the audience that ‘The Cure’ will be playing live in the studio. They tell the viewer that Most Wanted was going to be the only place to see the Cure play live on television this year and that is because of Ray’s friendship with the band. All this promotes the last ever show by explaining that Ray will be playing along with on of the songs.They then get Ray to play part of the song ‘Friday im in love’ and then gets someone from the studio audience to play. They promote the last ever show during the week with the presenter playing along to one of the Cures songs from videotape. The band is the main selling point for the last ever show. The main feature about this section is the band playing live. The band is introduced by walking down the corridors of the MTV building and entering the studio. Ray is then able to announce what the band have been doing and tell the viewers some of the hits the band has had. This gives the show the cheapness and light amateur feel to the show, which is deliberately.On this particular show the band walk through extremely fast so the presenter is unable to tell the viewer anything about them. But by laughing at the way they are getting into the studio so quickly you enjoy and get ready for the band. The presenter has a little quick chat with the band member. This gives the audience the understanding that Ray gets on with all the bands and is well known by them. Ray jokes with them about how quick they got into the studio and tell them that they have beaten the recalled.

The band then plays live one of the songs. – Rebecka Tornquist –Good thing.All the cameras on this song were used as freehand cameras and the lighting was very soft but colourful mainly using yellows and reds. The reason for this is because the song is a love song and they are getting this message across to the viewer. Also by using freehand cameras during this song they are able to capture unique and different shots which are not possible with a studio camera. For example a tilt or an extremely low camera shot is not possible with a studio camera and these shots were used for this song. When the song is finished there is some cheering from the audience in the studio and some cheering from the staff working on the programe.

A commercial break is next and this is linked by a shot of the band and then the titles.

The third part of the show starts of with the titles and the a shot of the audience, club bed, who are found cheering and screaming with the same shot as the beginning of the show and at the beginning of section two. Once again, the presenter goes through a lot of faxes that they have received. One of the faxes asks if Curtis, the person who operates the boom microphone if he has a girlfriend. 

This fax had been left to this part of the show because it would link well with the next item called ‘Private Parts’ which destroys items that had been sent in, but only with the persons permission.This is linked because the items that are normally handed in from friends who have seen their friends in pain –(upset), and want the item destroyed is ease the pain. The title music for Private Parts is like the start of the show but faster and more exciting. I can see it coming a 60’s / 70’s CD that they may have. The shots used are from previous destructions before Private Parts became extremely popular. Private Parts was one of Most Wanted favourite sections. People across Europe enjoyed watching it and always wanted to be part of it. The reason why I think it may have been popular is because of the interaction between the viewer and the show and allowed them to be part of the show, It was like the viewers 10 minutes of fame. Private Parts allowed viewers to send in items of their friends or relatives what they don’t like and then Ray and Pat would break the item after they have received permission to destroy it from the owner. In return, they would receive an item which would normally be a bed set which contained the Most Wanted logo and sometimes they might receive an T-shirt or an a alarm clock.Because the prizes had Most Wanted on them it maid it even more special especially for someone who really enjoyed the show.

 They would destroy the item differently every time. This would keep Private Parts more exciting every week, (sometimes every day). In this programe, because it was less then a couple of weeks to Christmas and the item being destroyed was an Christmas Santa which when shaken little snow flakes around the Santa blow around, they had Pat –the assistant in destroying the item, dressed up as Santa Claus. He would come down a Red industrial waste shoot and crush the Santa. Once again the Pat was unable to do it, which is why he was called Pathetic Pat, and the item rolls away. The presenter then has to jump on the item and crush it that way. In the background in between the studio and outside part is the Bee Gee’s –How deep is your love, this continues the theme which I mentioned earlier. The presenter then makes a few jokes about Pat and then tells the viewers what’s coming up on the rest of the show. This is a good link to a commercial break as it tells the viewer to stay tuned for more entertainment and the band playing live.After the break titles we have videotape of a band who played on Most Wanted a few months back. 

They are singing a song about Ray and Most Wanted and how it will be missed. This telling the viewer Most Wanted was a place that bands like to be and play at. It also makes out that Ray gets on with everyone. This will also help for a long-term effect for when they produce another show. It will help because people will remember that bands enjoyed playing for and being on Ray Coke’s programe.Ray then talks about the last item and tells the viewers that Pat is stuck in the waste shoot. Pat then comes through the doors and walks onto set. You can’t see his face but Ray then jokes about the situation by using language that may not be understood by a young person.Ray then pushes Pat over and then gets 3 people from the audience to help get Pat out. It’s very entertaining and exciting to watch. 

The way the crew joke and make cruel remarks about each other make it even funnier. It’s the stereotype of blokes. Ray then returns to his table and starts reading out some faxes. He then links it to the main item of this section, which includes the faxes. As this was the last week of the show ever, they told viewers to phone and fax in with places they would like to see. This was a good idea as it again gets the viewer involved with the show and makes it more friendly and personal. By telling someone everything and showing them around everywhere it was more personal.Today the take the camera (the viewer) upstairs into their offices, and show the viewer where Most Wanted is made. Of course there is the odd Joke about the place while getting there. They added little pieces to the area where they make Most Wanted to make it more entertaining. For example they placed a blow up doll on Will Macdonald table. This section of the show was one of the most exciting moments in the day’s show. It was very entertaining and exciting. The viewer could not predict what was going to happen next which made it more interesting. Most of this section was not planned and it worked very well. Towards the end it did start to become a bit boring. It was also one of the shortest parts of the show between the breaks as well. They ended this part really well. Curtis operates the boom microphone, made a joke about finding Ray, the presenter, hair, and finishing on Ray’s comment back.They come back from the break with a shot of Club Bed, studio audience; cheering and clapping with a freehand camera waving up and down left to right. This bought back the excitement to the show after the break and got everyone ready and excited for the band who were about to play live.

We then go to a shot of Ray Cokes who thanks everyone for phoning and faxing in with today’s show. He continues to advertise about the Cure playing on their last show on Friday night. –Reasons as before. Ray then makes one last Joke about one of the cameraman and then starts talking to the band. The joke that Ray made is a joke that had been continuing since the last series.The band then plays live and the same approach is used again. Some of the camera shots are more focused and altogether better shots. They are smoother and better framed. They are all still freehand but sometimes can be difficult to work out and a normal viewer wouldn’t notice. The lighting on this song is slightly different. The colours are still red, yellow and orange (very warm colours –because it’s a love song) but this time there is a main colour which is yellow. There is also a little bit of a blue used but doesn’t notice much.The credits are displayed on a Fridays show during the last song, but they always finish out on the titles, which is the same as the start. And then finally end on the MTV logo trademark programe display.

The show was one of the best they had produced in months. The show was very entertaining and exciting. On recent shows before this, the shows were not as fast moving and exciting. The difference I think is because of the people they had in the audience and the people they had on the phone. The order was in the same type of order as the usual Tuesdays show but on this show they covered many different aspects. For example they didn’t always phone Moscow or talk about political points. I think the way they dealt with the item in Moscow was good but if it worked the way they planned I think it would have worked. (Knowing the way they approached issues like HIV, Cancer etc.) They gave their viewer an understanding about what is happening in an entertainment show. If they advertised that they were going to talk about Moscow and the political problems the audience would not have tuned in but by doing like a hidden message it worked. But the viewer was not really told too much though.

A special thanks goes to Paul Merrick for allowing us to use his material.

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