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The Journey
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The Hamburg Horror
Last X-Ray
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Partying at VH1 by Krish - September 1999
The Journey So Far by Thomas Bahls - March 14th, 1997
Sharing A Cab With Ray Cokes by The Berlin Ticket - December 2nd, 1996

Most Wanted Friends Newsletters

Special "Gone with the Wind" edition (Issue 4 - March/April 1995)
Those Early Years by Tony Cokes
- Most Wanted Friends (Issue 12 - Winter '96)
Europe's Most Wanted Man exits MTV - Most Wanted Friends (Issue 11 - Autumn '96)
The Hamburg Horror by Andy Smith - Most Wanted Friends (Issue 10 - June/July '96)
The Hamburg Aftermath and the Last X-Ray Vision by Andy Smith - Most Wanted Friends (Issue 10 - June/July '96)


Rob the cameraman
Naughty Nina
Pathetic Pat
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