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His Shows

Nine years at MTV

In 1987 Ray began his European television career at MTV doing a show called Ray's Request. Most Wanted, Ray's second show at MTV, probably was Europe's most popular live show ever. After bringing the show for 4 years, Most Wanted had to make way for X-Ray Vision. Although X-Ray Vision surely wasn't a low-budget show, it failed to be as successful as its predecessor Most Wanted. The MTV top management was probably the most to blame. X-Ray Vision was cancelled and, after working for 9 years at Europe's biggest TV station, Ray left MTV.

Radio and noting but Radio

After MTV, Ray wanted to do something new. So at the end of 1996, Ray and Nina travelled to Berlin every week to do a radio show called Voll auf Cokes on the German radio station KISS FM. Ray choose for KISS FM, because they offered him absolute freedom. And as you would expect from such trained top professionals, the show was a major success.

Ray Wanted

In the summer of 1997, Channel 4 was seeking a presenter for a new series of Wanted (a nation wide game of hide and seek). Ray auditioned and he got the job. Every week Ray hosted this big budget project. His good friends, Nina and Pat were part of the crew.

Virgin Radio

From February 1998, Ray concurred the airwaves again with a new radio show. After much international rumour and industry wide speculation Virgin Radio was proud to have secured the talents of this former MTV and Channel 4 presenter.

Multi functional multi talented Ray

Ray was off air for a while after doing Wanted on Channel 4.

Meanwhile Ray has been doing a couple of other activities like interviewing Phil Collins for VH-1. For more details on Ray's other moves, please check out our other activities page.

Le Raymond iz back!

In autumn of 2000 Ray started as part of the French show Union Libre on the French channel France2. Here he has the "role" of an English reporter that (in French) tells about the habits and culture of the English people.

December 2000 Ray starts on French radio Europe2 hosting a 3 hour show every Friday night.


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