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Ray Cokes: Interview and his insights

Ray has done many interviews in his career and we've selected a couple of interesting pieces out of the interviews that were available. Especially for your reading pleasure...

About TV:
I'm never nervous before a life show. It has probably something to do with my personality. I also don't have to play a role, which makes it easier for me: I'm just myself. From time to time, I have a problem to concentrate. Friday's Most Wanted for example was so packed that I sometimes forgot what was next... We never rehearse and everything I say I make up on the spot: nothing is scripted.

On TV I try to be as friendly and down to earth as possible. I don't want to be mysterious, untouchable or unreachable. I am just Ray Cokes ...

On presenting:
Apparently people like me to be controversial but that's also what I like to be. I want to make people laugh and I also want to make fun of the callers without offending them.

About MTV:
It's like McDonalds: you have to produce hamburgers every day. I want more music and I don't want to repeat a clip every 4 hours. I have protested against that mentality during my MTV days, but I understand that MTV depends of what's popular. MTV viewers mostly watch only 15 minutes, then switch channels and come back again.

About his son:
I tried to have a totally different relationship with my son than I had with my father. If my son is sad and tries to hide his feelings, I tell him that it is ok to talk about his feelings.

On clothing:
My clothing is an extension of my personality. I only wear things that I feel comfortable in. Fashion is nothing for me. I find people that only want to impress with their clothing totally ridiculous! It aren't the looks that count, but the impact that you have on people with your personality.

Is there a creator of this world? Yes, I believe there is...but who or what is it? A man with a beard who you can pray to in church? A fat bald Buddha? Mother Earth herself? If you have answered "yes" to any of these questions, you have rejected all other religions, as every religion believes their belief is the only way to God. I think that is not true. From the beginning of mankind, people have been wondering what to believe in. Killing in the name of God?!?!? Isn't religion based on love and understanding? If you find this kind of harmony in your religion, it works for you. For me it is important to find a balance in my soul without extreme values and traditions...only a strong feeling of gratitude.

Just do it! Many people refer to their religion as a reference for all kinds of difficult matters in life. I think you don't need religious texts to find answers. My golden rule: don't do to others what you don't want them to do to you. We are all frustrated when the media bring us images of war and death. But what can we do? Well, we people have a special gift: we can talk. If you are worried about a certain event or situation, you can talk to others about it. Think global - act local! Oh yeah, don't forget to vote for Ray Cokes for president!

Sex and love:
Most of my friends, if not all, have had several romances which seemed like a perfect relationship but which sooner or later ended in tears...usually because partners didn't have anything to say to each other or because they found someone else. Why do these things happen? Before my generation, the word "divorce" hadn't been invented. These days it seems that almost every relationship ends within a couple of years. An argument for this development is that people nowadays end relationships because they can. Before this generation, people simply wouldn't accept a divorce.

People were lucky if they had a good educational background and went to church every Sunday. Were these people happier than the couples of today? A difficult question. In this world, where the standard of living is very high and where people think they live in a perfect world, it is not easy to be happy, to be thankful for what you have. The sexual revolution did not bring all the answers to our questions with regards to love. What I do know is that one of the most important aspects of life is to have a good relationship based on love, trust and understanding. My heart has been broken several times in my life and I broke a few hearts myself. Love is a complicated matter, lust even more. And my experience is that in a good relationship there will always be problems or issues to solve.


Be informed! When you're a TV-presenter, it is always difficult to talk about controversial subjects like drugs. However, my job comes along with a sense of responsibility. Which drugs are we talking about? Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, Ecstasy, LSD and all other types of narcotics, but also alcohol and tobacco. I find it necessary to include the last two as well because all of them contain substances, which affect our minds and our bodies as well. On the other hand, I know people who use one or more of the items mentioned above and who can live a normal and productive life.

What do I think? I always say, Marijuana is the possible the least dangerous drug of all. Alcohol isn't dangerous if one does not take too much. Tobacco is a foolish and deadly substance, which probably causes more deaths than all the other drugs together. I find it strange that Marijuana is illegal, while alcohol and tobacco are just as normal as a cup of tea. Because drugs are illegal, there aren't any standards for quality. Just don't use drugs, life is too damn beautiful!

The Media:
The media is very topical these days, especially the influence it has on people. There are many different kinds of media ranging from serious newspapers to gossip magazines. The biggest and most powerful of media however, will always be TV of course. Our parents' generation has always warned that television will transform us into mindless zombies capable of nothing. Perhaps our parents slightly exaggerated the problems that come with television. Through these past decades, we have learnt to be more careful when using mass media because it is so powerful - it can change people's views and opinions. I often talk about this issue with friends. Television is also a great source of information and we can all use some of that can't we? Of course, most of the information we get from television is, as we all know, complete rubbish. Thanks to satellite technology, we now have many TV channels each devoted to serve a certain audience.

Which three things would you take with you when you had to go to a deserted island ?
My wine collection, a pretty girl and a PC modem.

You are believed to be a sex idol, are you really ?
Yes, I'm Europe's one and only Mega Sex God. If you don't believe me just ask any girl in Europe. And some boys too !

Are you satisfied with your penis ?
Well, my girlfriend isn't complaining. I guess 25 cm is big enough for most girls.

Are you serious ?
Not really, I tend to understate things.

What do you think about AIDS?
AIDS is a global tragedy but also personally for many people I know. I also wonder if many stars really mean what they say in public about AIDS, or that they are just saying it because it's topical. Whatever you do, stay safe.

When did you lose your viginity ?
I had my first real sexual experience when I was 14. I was at an English school and, just like always, the girl I was with, Sue, was older, more experienced and was more confident than me.

Who are your favourite stars ?
Arnold Schwarzenegger is on top of my list. He's very big and very media friendly. My encounter with Madonna was great. But I also like Bryan Adams, Salt 'n' Pepa, INXS, Bjork, Phil Collins and all the boys of Take That, who are the nicest blokes in the business (though I don't like their music).

Who aren't your favourite stars ?
This question is a bit dangerous, but Nick Cave was problematical, just like Bob Geldorf, Snoop Doggy Dog, Kate Bush and almost every American band who think they are mega stars as soon as they've made a hit.

How does your life look like when you're 50 ?
Happy, with a part-time job at a local TV or radiostation in France, with a couple of motors, a swimmingpool, and a perfect summer-salad.

Special thanks go to Ralf Kühling at 98 8 Kiss FM, Berlin. Most details on this page come from Ray's book "Das Grosse Ray Cokes Buch", published by VGS Verslagsgesellschaft in Germany.  

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