allthree_s.gif (20158 bytes)

Ray, Pat and Nina together on one picture.

bonjovi.jpg (24014 bytes)

Ray doing his best playing his big thing.

cheer.jpg (12424 bytes)

Ray doing Wanted on Channel 4

cologne_1.jpg (121684 bytes)

Most Wanted in Köln promo poster.

cowboy.jpg (9332 bytes)

Watch out for this man !

madonna.jpg (15810 bytes)

In search of Madonna. Ray being kissed by Madonna.

mw-bingo.jpg (32984 bytes)

Ray doing funny faces at The bingo wall.

mw-eh.jpg (29839 bytes)

Ray looking surprised.

parents.jpg (22262 bytes)

An exclusive picture of mum and dad Cokes.

pat2.jpg (7449 bytes)

The most pathetic man on earth. Pathetic Pat at your service....

ray96.jpg (3761 bytes)

A classic pic one.

raybike.jpg (30614 bytes)

Another exclusive pic. No, this is not a fake one. 100% real Cokes meat :-)

raykid.jpg (3950 bytes)

You'd never expect this boy ending up riding a motorbike naked.

rayphil.jpg (13815 bytes)

You'd better be a nice when Phil is around.

raypic_s.jpg (3194 bytes)

Another classic pic.

raypunk.jpg (10724 bytes)

Yes, he's a wild guy.

stand.jpg (30950 bytes)

A picture taken from the cover of "The big Ray Cokes book".

wanted0.jpg (23091 bytes)

Ray and Nina at the Wanted studios in London.

wanted1.jpg (24303 bytes)

Ray being a top TV presenter person.

xray1.jpg (53007 bytes)

X-Ray Vision promo pic.

postermw.jpg (72227 bytes)

A MW poster

rayshop.jpg (23396 bytes)

Ray going shopping in London

raypast.jpg (3.3 kB)

A picture from Ray's past

rayhead.jpg (8.2 kB)

Ray during his early MTV years

mtv5years.jpg (62.3 kB)

Ray and the other MTV VJ's in 1992

raymtv.jpg (11.6 kB)

Ray at MTV

rayshirt.jpg (31 kB)

A Ray classic

ray99.jpg (79.1 kB)

Ray in 1999

ray94.jpg (102037 bytes)

Ray posing again :-)
raysuede.jpg (27277 bytes)

Ray with Suede

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