How much do you remember from Ray's shows. Test your knowledge with the following 5 multiple choice questions. Some questions have more than one right answer.
(The answers will be revealed in a text balloon if you  move your mouse on the question mark)
Which of the following MTV VJ's never hosted Most Wanted?
Steve Blame
Lisa I'Anson
Simone and Enrico never hosted Most Wanted
Which of the following artists never hosted Most Wanted?
Robbie Williams
Gary Barlow
Curt Smith
Gary Barlow never hosted the show, but Meatloaf and the 2 Take Thatters Robbie and Mark did.
Which of the following artists didn't appear on the last edition of Most Wanted (in real life or on the phone)?
The Cure
Robbie Williams
Bryan Adams
Robbie Williams
Which of the following shows wasn't presented by Ray one time or another?
The Box
The Big Picture
MTV at the movie
Voll auf Cokes
X-cellerator was the only right answer. It was a dance program that aired just before X-Ray Vision and it was presented by Eden.
Ray has had many crew members, but some of the list below are made up. Which?
Timmy, The tea boy
Alain, The dictator
Lucious Liz
Mad Murphy
Sexy Shelly
Wicked Will
Hippie Hector
Toby 1 Canobi
It was a trick question. All of these people really worked on Most Wanted.

Your Score

4-5 RIGHT: Superfan! What a memory! Congratulations...
3 RIGHT: Great one.
2 RIGHT: Not Bad
1 RIGHT: Maybe better next time...
0 RIGHT: Goldfish memory...
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