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"Best of ..." on MTV Germany

December 23rd, 1999 - You should consider a trip to Germany this weekend, because MTV Germany has been searching the MTV archives for interesting stuff and what a surprise! They discovered footage from a certain VJ called Ray Cokes, so this weekend as part of their Best of MTV weekend they'll be broadcasting all the best and worst bits from Ray in 2 special programmmes:

Sunday 26th Dec 1999:

- Best of Most Wanted 1993 : 17.00 - 18.00 CET
(The best Ray Cokes shows from 1993) 

- Best of X-Ray Vision 1996 : 18.00 - 19.00 CET
(The best bits from the follow-up of Most Wanted from 1996) 

More details about MTV Germany can be found at


Apparently the Best of shows were reruns. The shows have been shown on MTV Europe in the past.

Best of Most Wanted 1993 showed highlights from the first 2 years of Most Wanted (1991-1992).
Best of X-Ray Vision 1996 was the compilation episode that MTV Europe aired the week after the very last live show of X-Ray Vision.

No new show on MTV

There are also rumours going around about a new Ray Cokes show on MTV, but those are apparently not true. Ray responded "I have heard that too but it is only a rumour; I am not making any new show for MTV. Enjoy watching the old stuff though!"
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