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Adri is leaving the home page team

Sad to leave after after 6 years on the project.......

January 1st, 2000 -- Boris Jetsin is not the only one quit his job recently. Adri van den Wittenboer, one of the main team members of this site, has decided to leave the home page team. Here's his personal statement:

---- Statement from Adri ----

Like a lot of people I watched Most Wanted on MTV. I enjoyed it very much and decided to open a site for other fans in 1994. 

The home page started quite small with only a couple of pages. I met a lot of other cool people, some of them are now my closed friends. Of course I had a lot of fun working on the site and going to the shows. The site became bigger and bigger: now we've even got our own domain, our own chat server and more than 60 pages packed with Ray related information.

I want to ask you to respect the fact that I don't want to say much with regards to the reason as to why I am leaving. Let's just say that I loved working with all the other team members and all the fans.

I've enjoyed working on the project for over 6 years and I hope you liked having me in the team. This certainly isn't a goodbye speech as I will still be involved with the site. However, no longer as a team member, just as a fan. I would like to thank all the other fans who visited our site and were involved with the project. Finally I would to thank Reinhard, Dan and Krish with whom I loved working with. Stay safe, be lucky and always be yourself !



P.S. You're always welcome to mail me hehehe :-)
---- End of statement ----

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