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In This Issue:
1. Team News
2. Email Changes
3. Chat Info
4. Website News
5. Your Input


First of all the whole Ray Cokes Online Team would like to wish you a happy new year. May all your wishes come through in 2000.

Team News

After 6 years with the team, Adri has decided to leave Ray Cokes Online. We understand his reasons behind leaving and we wish him the best of luck in all his future projects.

We also would like to thank him in name of the fans for all the work he has done during the past few years. He has been the driving force behind Ray Cokes Online and he has made the site what it is today.

The other 3 members will take over his activities and we'll try to make the change as smooth as possible. 

Email Changes

Our main email address has changed back to

We'll also repeat the addresses of the different team members:
- Reinhard:
- Dan:
- Krish:

Chat Info

At the moment we don't have a new date set yet, but it will be at the end of January, the beginning of February. Don't forget to take a look at the updated chat pages.

Website News

We updated the following pages:
- News Release: Ray was on MTV Germany
- 'The Current Situation Page'
- The chat regulars page 

And we have added a couple of chat logs
We've also added a new quiz to our new 'Fun and Games' section.

Your Input

With the changing of the guards at Ray Cokes Online, the team would like to know what you think of Ray Cokes Online. Tell us your thoughts and suggestions about the site and its activities. (What should we do better, What should we add, ...) Your ideas for new pages and even new articles are as always welcome at


Reinhard, Dan and Krish
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