Ray's single "Simply Sexy"

cd.jpg (10672 bytes)Now we can proudly present Ray Cokes' hit single (hmm) "Simply Sexy" for download!!!

Simply Sexy is Ray's only single until now (who knows what the future might bring) and was originally meant as a big joke. However, it became quite popular. The single was released in Germany and Denmark only. Check it out, it's wicked mental dope !!

Ray Cokes feat. Al Agami - Simply Sexy (MP3 format)
The song is in mp3 format and zipped. You will need to UNZIP the file to listen to it. You can use WinZip for that purpose.
A good mp3 player is WinAmp.

Ray Cokes feat. Al Agami - Simply Sexy (Real Audio Format)
Or you can download this smaller Real Audio File (Size: 482 kB).
This means you need Real Player to listen to it.

Would you like to own an original copy of the CD yourself, and can't you find it in any record store? Take a look at which is an international "flea" market for music and books.
Follow this link to make a search for Ray Cokes. You will be amazed at how many places have the CD for sale! 
(Thanks to Alexei Milenkov for this information - please contact us again, your email address was invalid)

Ray Cokes has given his permission to put the song on the Web - exclusively for Ray Cokes Online!

Sound Fragments

The following sound files are available in RA-format (non-streaming). This means you need Real Audio to listen to them. Please go to the Real Player homepage to obtain the player. That way you are always sure of getting the newest version.

Files from MTV's Most Wanted

Name: Size: Description:

68 kb

The opening tune (1992-1993)

48 kb

The opening tune (1994-1995)

2 kb

Chraig has to get the camera to have a look at someones behind

2 kb

Original sound sample from the show

2 kb

Exciting TV isn't it ?

2 kb

Needs no explaination :)

2 kb

You're a wild guy

1 kb

Don't try it at home

3 kb

Well I say, it does ....

1 kb

Ray's trade mark

1 kb

Who's that ?

2 kb

Fart sample taken from MW

2 kb

Thanks for your time

1 kb

Ray signing off

Files from Channel 4's Wanted

Name: Size: Description:

54 kb

The opening tune

60 kb

Ray opens the show

Files from Kiss FM's Voll auf Cokes

Name: Size: Description:

211 kb

Four Guys/Gays gag:
(Just in case anybody might be upset: All members of Four Guys (being live in the studio) were in fact gay and were not upset by this gag at all. So don't think something silly of Ray or us, it's been nothing else than fun with it !)

95 kb

Lonesome Tonight:
A game where girls 'n boys can win a dinner for two; this is a hot game of love.

290 kb

Ray calling himself an old bloke:
Perhaps he's right, perhaps he's wrong, but he sure is funny :)

274 kb

Restaurant problem part 1:
Would you mention it to restaurant management when a restaurant forgot to charge you some food 'n drinks, or would you walk away ? (Part 1)

77 kb

Restaurant problem part 2:
Would you mention it to restaurant management when a restaurant forgot to charge you some food 'n drinks, or would you walk away ? (Part 2)

273 kb

Restaurant problem part 3:
Would you mention it to restaurant management when a restaurant forgot to charge you some food 'n drinks, or would you walk away ? (Part 3)

Your Input

If you've got a 'Ray related' sound, please let us know. Send us an email containing a URL where we can find your file. Please don't send in files via email for obvious reasons. We're also looking for other download locations, so if you've got your own site and don't use it that often, you could help us by placing these files on your site as well.
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