69 Oldfellows Road

Away from the glamour of his TV stardom, Ray is just like any other normal person. In fact he's quite the opposite of how he appears on TV. 

Ray and his Most Wanted crew are renting a house on the outskirts of London, where they live in a chaotic communal fashion. 

Fantastic Artist Susan Widmann has secretly rented the property opposite to witness and record on paper the coming and goings.

It appears that poor Ray is subjected to some pretty awful treatment from his colleagues and house mates. 

We will try to give you an insight into Ray's life away from the spotlight. Be prepared for some surprises...

The Real World of Most Wanted - Page 1 (87 kB)
The Real World of Most Wanted - Page 2 (104 kB)
The Real World of Most Wanted - Page 3 (80 kB)
The Real World of Most Wanted - Page 4 (68 kB)
Kiss FM (100  kB) 
Desperately Seeking Ray (107 kB) 
Ray's newest project (91 kB) 
Holiday Time (84 kB)
Merry Christmas (106 kB) 

These marvellous drawings were made by Susan Widmann and first published in the Most Wanted Friends newsletters.

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