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Reinhard Laroy

Senior editor
Site advisor
Site PR in Belgium

That's me in Corsica, showing off my wet pants just minutes after I had fallen in a small river (268991 bytes)Hi! I'm Reinhard Laroy. I'm a 22-year old, studying electronical engineering at the University of Ghent, Belgium. I have several hobbies like going to the movies, music, watching TV and going out, but like most people my age I haven't enough time to do all the things I want to do. I have also my own site 'The Zone' from which I'll bring the Ray Cokes section over to this site.

7 years ago, I saw Ray Cokes for the first time: I liked his refreshing and crappy way of presenting immediately. When Most Wanted started I really got hooked and it tried to watch it as much as possible. I even learned my English thanks to this mega Sex god! I continued to be a fan after his MTV years, eventhough it was difficult to hear or see some of his new shows. He's one of the best and nicest people in the business and I hope that he'll continue to bring us cutting edge TV and radio for many years to come.

Another picture from the Corsica hiking trip (174678 bytes) I've joined the Ray Cokes online team 2 years ago and since then I've tried to contribute to bringing a great site with great information. I'm mainly responsible for the editorial contents, including the reworked "About Ray" section with hopefully refreshing reading about Ray's past. You can always email me or the others with your thoughts about the editorial contents and I'm always willing to share and talk about Ray Cokes memories by e-mail...

Tune in and check out regulary what we've been up to at Ray Cokes Online.

Krish Sharma (click here for live webcam)

Main editor
Site PR in the UK

krish.jpg (34368 bytes) Hi Folks, as you probably know from the title, my name is Krish. I am a 22 year old who is currently working in between my degree of which I have a year left to do at Kingston University.

What am I studying, I hear you shout?? Well I am studying Electronic Engineering on a similar line as Reinhard. My hobbies are Electronics, listening to CD's, watching Tele, and of course watching Ray.

I have been a fan of Ray ever since MTV Europe started in 1987 and was the lucky person who won the first ever competition on X-RAY Vision!! the prize was to go to L.A. and see the MTV Movie awards in 1996. I even stayed in Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills where they shot pretty woman!!! Don't envy me too much folks!!

Well what else can I say apart from thank you for visiting this site and don't forget your toothbrush!!! Oops that's another TV presenters catchphrase! What I meant to say was Ray for President!!! please keep visiting us for more up to date info about the one and only Raymondo!!

Stay Safe....Be Lucky......Chubacker,chubacker......wicked mental dope.... Reeeeesssspect!

Dan Larsen

Main editor
System Operator Ray Chat
Site PR in Scandinavia

dan.jpg (39021 bytes) My name is Dan and I´m 26 years old. I was born in December, 1973. I live in Denmark, in the fourth largest city called Aalborg.

I work in the office of a transport company, where I talk to customers on the phone, and also the ones that drop off goods at the carrier terminal. Besides that I do a lot of typing in of all the transport details into the computer system. Hobbies are Internet and aquarium. I have a 200 litre tank, with a mix of small fish. Other than that I like to watch tv (Gawd... it can be hard to keep up with all the soaps and series that are on) :)

I am a big Ray Cokes fan, just like any other person reading this page. I have been watching his shows since he did Ray's Request on MTV. Most Wanted was the biggest succes of them all, at least in my opinion. The concept of that show was unique and many other stations tried to copy it, but never with the same succesful result. Only Ray Cokes is Ray Cokes! :) I once had the honour of having the "fax request of the day" played. Made my day. (hehe, I'm easy to please.)

Raymond Cokes for president of the United States of Europe! ;)

My personal homepage

A very special thanks goes to:

Adri Van Den Wittenboer. He has been the driving force behind Ray Cokes Online and he has made the site what it is today. We would like to thank him in name of the fans for all the work he has done during the past 6 years.

Adri decided to leave on January 1st 2000.
We wish him the best of luck in all his future projects.

Special thanks go to:

Melanie "Elly" Ellis (legal matters, editorial guidance)
Karsten Röhl (our former Voll auf Cokes reporter from Berlin)
Nathan Savage for helping us with our sounds page
Sonja Ehlen for her translations and advice
Thomas Bahls who resigned on March 15th 1998. He was part of our team for quite some time. We'll cetainly miss his contribution to the site. Thanks for all your help Thomas !!
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