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We$#´re C$r!#AP !!

Yes, that´s right, you´ve reached the crappiest page on this site :-). This is the place where you can find all sorts of strange, crappy, funny and naughty Ray related stuff. At this point we would like to stress that the Ray Cokes Online Team cannot be held responsible for any brain damage caused by viewing this page :-) Enjoy....

Funny faces :-)

Sorry Ray, we just had to share this one with the rest of the world :-)

Some of the pics Ray got at MTV:

Boy, don´t you wanne work for MTV! (as you can see, all team members are sexist maile pigs. If you´re a gril and want to take control, please do an join our team now :-)

We want these guys back !!

Remember these guys. They used to have their own cool show on MTV and even made a hit single "Them girls, them girls" which you can download here. Just download it, we recommend it !

They were indeed great Elvis look alikes, did live cooking scenes and managed to make you smile and sick all at the same time.

Legal statement: it is illegal to keep an MP3 on file for longer than 24 hours. The file mentioned above is not located on this server, we have only linked to it. We will only use it for scientific research :-)


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