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On June 21st 2000 Ray was the host of a show on a French music channel called M6 Music. It was kind of a pilot show called "The Ray Show", that could lead to more appearances if it went down well. Ray was very excited about it, only a bit worried about his French language abilities. But he did more than OK. :) The show didn't go too well though and it was never made into a series, mostly because of technical errors; Ray was, needless to say, superb! :)

During the last chats, Ray confirmed that he has some plans and he is currently working with some producers on a few ideas (TV and Internet). Nothing is 100% settled yet though.

Ray now confirms that he is putting the Internet show plans to a standstill. They are not given up on, on the contrary. The Net just isn't ready for the kind of show that Ray wishes to produce yet. Maybe in a couple of years...

Instead Ray is now storming back onto the TV screens - at least in France. In the autumn of 2000 he started doing a show for French TV channel France2 called "Union Libre". Ray's part of the show is as a reporter from England, where he reports on the English people's view of different issues. This is all done in a light hearted way, and with some humor! The show is also broadcast on the French satellite channel TV5, that is available all over the World.

Newest information, directly from Ray self, is that he Friday December 8th 2000 at 19.00 CET will start hosting a show on French radio station Europe2. It's a 3 hour show, and will be on air every Friday night. Europe2 broadcasts to France via terrestial antennas and on the Internet at .

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