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Ray Cokes on VH1
23rd-25th July 1999

Finally - after a long time waiting for everyone's favourite TV presenter to reappear on our little flickering TV screens - he was back in all his glory!

Although Ray was only back for 3 days filling in for Kate and Jono on the "Kate & Jono Show" on VH1 together with model/singer Caprice, it was great to see him alive and kicking still.

The Kate and Jono Show is far from the concept of the good old "Most Wanted", it's like a cosey chat between the two hosts about the latest gossip in the music world. The show is obviously much more scripted than Most Wanted and it was clear that Ray wasn't so happy about that. :) At least it looked like he tried to go beyond the script whenever it was possible. For example at one moment he talked about groping Caprice. I doubt that was in the script - hehehe. She wouldn't let him, though (Tough luck Ray ;)).

The 3 shows only lasted 1 hour each, and with a lot of music videos in that hour, Ray and Caprice's airtime was actually quite limited. I would guess they had around 15-20 minutes in each show - the rest was music and commercial breaks.

One of the objects in the shows was a competition to win a digital camera. Viewers were supposed to write in to Kate & Jono, who would then announce the winner when they returned the following week.  

In my opinion Ray did quite a good job within the limits that the program concept allowed. At least he was way better than Caprice, but I guess that is because of his long experience in the business. Caprice was very beginnerish. She did look lovely, though. Almost like a barbie doll - Ray was lucky to be in the same room as her. I bet the aftershow party (there must have been one, or ?) was a blast.

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