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The crappiest page ever
Great addition to the "Official Site". It includes news, show info, Ray's movie, ...
Timo's Homepage: Ray Cokes (At the moment unavailable)
Ray Cokes as a guest on WDR Radio Eins Live
Ray and motor bikes (article from motorcycle world)

Ray's Shows

"When I saw Most Wanted Live"
Crowded House on Most Wanted (Sep. '93)
Kate Bush interview on MTV Most Wanted - October 22, 1993
MP3: "Friday I'm In Love" from The Cure with Ray Cokes on MTV Most Wanted
Wichtl's World - In Memorian of Most Wanted (At the moment unavailable)
Björk videos Björk suprises Ray Cokes
The High Crusade (movie with Ray Cokes in a small role)
E! Online - Fact Sheet - The High Crusade (1997)
IMDB : The High Crusade


German Article: Ray Cokes bei Kiss FM
The Wanted Pages
Brian May on The Ray Cokes Show (Virgin Radio - May '98)


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