How much do you remember from Ray's shows. Test your knowledge with the following 5 questions. 
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In 1995 Ray Cokes presented the award for 'Best Live Act' on the MTV Europe Music Awards together with one of his showbizz friends. Who was she and who won the award?
Kylie Minogue was the co-presenter and Take That won the award
One of the best editions of Most Wanted was the live show from Cologne (Köln). Which 2 groups performed during that show?
"Die Fantastischen Vier" and "Therapy?"
The Bingo Wall of Death idea was reused on X-Ray Vision. How was that reworked item called?
Wheel of misfortune
Ray presented two movie programmes during his first years at MTV. What were the titles of those shows?
"MTV At the movies" and "The Big Picture"
Which crew member had a fictional cans of bis export between Holland and England?
Craig (Greg)

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