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Ray spotted Europe-wide

Ray has been spotted all over Europe during the past few weeks. Most of these appearances haven't been confirmed yet, but if you can check them out:


FRANCE 2 Ray is co-hosting sa show in France called Union libre. It's a funny tv programm about Europe that can be seen every sunday on France 2.


LONDON Our very own Ray Cokes was doing a voice over for an advert on Capital FM (London). The company is called timetalk.


BBC Ray was spotted in a programme on the BBC (more details later...)


SKY SPORTS (UK) Ray was fronting a show called "Sporting Auction" on Sky Sports.. he's basically talking about boxing memoribilia thats going on sale soon.. They set up the auctions with a few taped shows and then they have a live auction. (Screen grabs at the Yahoo Club)


So if you spot Ray anywhere else, let us know! He might be popping up on a screen near you soon... ;-)


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