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In This Issue:
1. Chat Info
2. Your Input
3. Website News


Here's another update about what's going on at Ray Cokes Online...

Chat Info

The next chat will be on tonight (March 26th 2000) at 21.00 CET (20.00 UK). You can join us via IRC or use our own Webchat option.

See our chat page (raychat.htm) for more information on how to join. There's also logs available of previous chats and info about the chat regulars...

Your Input

At the moment, we are looking for articles and interviews with Ray Cokes or any of his crew members. We are especially looking for old issues of Most Wanted Friends newsletters (Ray's fanclub who stopped 3 years ago). If you would have one of those laying around, please email us at We would appreciate it very much.

We are also still interested in hearing your thoughts and suggestions about the site and its activities. (What should we do better, What should we add, ...) Your ideas for new pages and even new articles are as always welcome at

Website News

We have finally launched our new look. Come and take a look and tell us what you think...

We updated the following pages:
- A review of the Best of Most Wanted that was shown on MTV Germany in December with loads of pictures...
- Editors Page
- The chat regulars page

The sounds page has been taken down, because we lost the server that stored those files. We are at the moment looking for a new server that supports real audio or maybe we'll bring them back in some other format (mp3?)


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