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Dutch fans launch BNN campaign

May 2nd 2000 - During the last online chat, Ray Cokes Online learned that Dutch fans have started an email campaign: Apparently they are asking the Dutch station BNN to hire Ray Cokes.

On their website, you can enter your mailaddress and click on send to send a mail to BNN. We've translated their website for you:


Ray Cokes 2 BNN!

This action is inteded to get Ray back on TV. And BNN seems the best choice. We have nothing new to add, except that by filling in the form you'll send an email directly to BNN:

Email Message:

I want Ray as a presenter on BNN! This man is know from MTV, but he would be perfect for BNN! Please contact him via and give him a show on BNN.

Apparently they had 125 reactions in only 3 days from mainly Dutch fans.

Ray told us that he found it a very funny thing. Ray was also very proud about the amount of responses that the campaign caused and that all those folks hadn't forgotten him after all those years.

Ray will be back in a couple of months with a new project and you'll hear it here first (where else!).

The Ray Cokes Online Team

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