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In This Issue:

1. Chat Info
2. Introducing: RayOnline
3. Website News
4. Your Input


Here's another update about what's going on at Ray Cokes Online...

o Chat Info

Our next chat will take place on August 6th at 21.00 CET.

See our chat page (raychat.htm) for more information on how to join. There's also logs available of previous chats and info about the chat regulars...

o Ray Cokes Online introduces the RayOnline mailinglist

The incredible vibe at the monthly chats and the many friendships that followed from these chats gave us the idea of creating a mailinglist for the fans and for anyone who's interested in having a nice chat with a whole bunch of great people.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of mailing list, you just subscribe to a list and then you'll get all the emails that are send to a central address. So if you send an email to, all the other people on the list will receive it. You can also choose the Digest mode when you subscribe, then you'll get all the different emails from one day in one long email, so that you're mailbox won't be flooded with loads of emails.

You can subscribe by sending a blank email to or by going to and choosing subscribe (that's also the only way to get the digest version from the beginning). 

We'll hope to see you at RayOnline for a lot of email fun...

o Website News

Thanks to Susan and Simone, we were and will be able to add loads of new pages.

First of all we were able to get our hand on all issues of Most Wanted Friends and we will be publishing the interesting articles in the next few weeks. It also contained cartoons and we are putting them online one each week.

We also received pics of some of Ray's crew members. We've put them on a special page, so if you want to put a face to all those familiar voices, then this your chance... (any other pics are always welcome...)

We got our hands on some new audio files and they'll also be published in the next few weeks... 

o Your Input

We're still looking for articles, pictures and interviews with Ray Cokes or any of his crew members. If you would have one of those laying around, please email us at We would appreciate it very much.

We are also still interested in hearing your thoughts and suggestions about the site and its activities. (What should we do better, What should we add, ...) Your ideas for new pages and even new articles are as always welcome at


Your Ray cokes Online Team
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