Rob's 13 Questions




Rob's "Lucky 13" Questions

What was the best Most Wanted moment for you?

Too many good one’s to single one out: receiving my first lego toy from a viewer, the day when Sade shouted ‘I love you Rob’ on the phone, on the coach with The Cure, Bingo Wall of Death when Ray smashed the machine, MW weekend Crowded House performance…. on and on

What was the worst incident happening to you during a show?

Crashing my camera in to the set at the beginning of a band performance (a few years ago). I think Angelo was hosting at the time.

What was your first impression of Ray when you started working together?

He was very genuine, he would always tell it how it was on camera. He was true to himself on screen and I like that in people.

What is your relationship to the other crew members like? Are you good friends with them?

The crew members are like a family to me. Especially Andy (Andicam), Paul (lighting), Chris (sound). We have worked together since the summer of 1989. They will remain my close friends always.

How do you get along with Ray off air?

We are very good friends, we share exactly the same sense of humour.

Do you remember any remarks by Ray about you that really hurt or did you take it all as a comedy?

Ray has a way of taking a small piece of information / quote from you and making it into a whole character: this is how “Rob the Cameram”’s character started. So there was truth in a lot of Ray’s comments and so at times it was more embarrassing than hurtful.

Throughout the years, we’ve noticed you changing from the shy, insecure into the straight forward, self-confident Rob. Did you really mature or did you only act during the shows? What are you like in private?

I don’t think I changed that much. It has a lot to do with my confidence on air and the amount, which I was featured. The more Ray spoke to me, the more my own character would come out. At first when I was nervous on air, I would be a little more ‘in character’.

Ray regularly picked on you about “lack of sexual experience”. Obviously there must be a grain of truth…did you really have problems getting on with girls and how are you doing now?

When I first started at MTV I hadn’t had a girlfriend since before college (a few years). Ray caught on to this ‘truth’ and expanded it – I would make jokes about it as well… I’m pleased to say that the situation did change, but people really loved the single image. Not having a girlfriend was a lot funnier than having one – and being useless with women is even funnier…

What was the major reason for you to quit MTV (and Most Wanted)? Do you think you might regret it?

I couldn’t progress any further with my job as a cameraman at MTV, whilst I still enjoyed it. I had to move on to something different for my own career. I regret it all the time, but I know it’s for the best…

Being a regular and observant viewer I always notice that Ray becomes very relaxed and cheers up when talking to you. How did he take your decision and how does he feel about carrying on without you? Do you feel he might be thinking of quitting as well in the near future?

Ray was as you might imagine, quite disappointed when I said I was leaving – he was very constructive in trying to see if MTV could do anything to make me stay – and eventually he could see, like me, that I had to take the opportunities which were offered. This may have made him look upon MTV in a different way; you’ll have to ask him.

How do you deal with being famous and loved by girls all over Europe? Would you cheat on your girlfriend?

To be honest I don’t feel famous, because no one knew what I looked like, I wasn’t famous in the usual way. I’ve never been treated like anyone other than a cameraman. I’ve always been rather embarrassed by all the female attention. I can’t see how I’ve earned it? No, would never cheat on my girlfriend.

What are your further career plans?

To progress and perfect the art of being a camera operator.

What was your ambition to become cameraman at all?

No, only when I was 16 or 17 did I finally decide a camera work as a possible career – and then people tried to talk me out of it!


This interview was published by Most Wanted Friends – Issue 7 (Winter '95)

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