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The Ray Cokes Online Club

Ray Cokes Online has a Yahoo club dedicated to Mr Sex God (a.k.a. Ray Cokes). 

The Yahoo club is sort of a small website where people can easily interact. It's possible for visitors to post messages, pictures, links, etc... Besides that Yahoo also offers a java based chat room with full moderating capabilities.

Anyone with a Yahoo ID can join the club. It's very easy (and free) for people to obtain it and it will enable users to log into the club fast and easy. 

The first step now would be that you register as a Yahoo member (if you haven't done so already). Please go to and follow the instructions. It's very easy even Ray should be able to figure it out ;-). When you've obtained your ID, go to and join the club.

We wish you loads of fun with the new club and hopefully it may grow out to be huge...

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