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The Hamburg Aftermath and the Last X-Ray Vision

After the Hamburg horror, Most Wanted Friends was inundated with angry letters asking why no tickets had been made available for the show by MTV. Why not indeed! The following Tuesday, Nina rang me to inform me that the next show would be the last one and to ask if I could arrange for as many members as possible to fill Club Bed.

Obviously this left no time to write to all member, so we set about faxing and phoning as many as possible. If you were one of those we managed to get there - we hope you enjoyed yourselves. Lots of you rang to say you did…

It transpires that when Ray and Co returned to London they were blamed for the Hamburg fiasco! Now unless I'm missing something, that's total crap! Sloping shoulders somewhere me thinks!

Talking to crew members before the last show, it was commonly felt that the whole event was an error of judgement as the area was full of prostitutes, pimps, drug dealers and drunks. Is that Ray's fault?

The blaming of Ray led to disappearances of X-Ray Vision from our screens almost immediately. What exactly took place in the meeting between Ray and the MTV bosses is open to conjecture of course, but it would have been great to have been a fly on the wall ehh! 

The show itself you will have seen, so I won't go into too much detail: it was a bloody good show that I'm sure everybody enjoyed. There was a strange atmosphere present behind the scenes as obviousely no more X-Ray Visions meant some personnel losing their jobs!

Ray's girlfriend Melanie watched the latter part of the show from a position alongside the Mad Cam cage. She looked a little upset at the end as Ray, Pat and Nina rode off into the sunset on their assorted transportation. After the shown I chatted with crew members whilst Ray and Margaret (the organ player ;-) ), then Margaret and Pat posed for pictures together. 

At 23.30 we walked over to The Oxford Arms pub where all the X-Ray crew were gathering for a goodbye drink. It seemed like everyone was in there: Ray, Nina, Pat, Andycam, Rob, Lincoln, Ben, Rob Lewis (ex-MW), Big Boss Brent, Hamish and many more. Ray stood talking with Big Boss Brent for a while at the end of which they hugged and said goodbye. I grabbed a few minutes with Ray as we were leaving the pub to ask what his plans were. Ray told me that he was looking forward to having a good rest and was pleased to find that he now had 'time on his hands'. I told Ray that whatever he decides to do, his fans will be behind him all the way.

Written by Andy Smith - Most Wanted Friends (Issue 10 - June/July '96)

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