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RCOL were invited to an EXCLUSIVE VH1 party in Central London. Infact this party was to celebrate VH1's 5th Birthday and Baby Spice's new show on VH1. More details can be found at

At this party as you can imagine most people were there ranging from Baby Spice to Paul King! we met up with Paul King and Pip Dann of which we did take photos which will be published here soon.

Moving on we saw a person who goes by the name of CURTIS! Remember him?? Well we managed to speak to him for a while but please forgive us for not remembering everything [...note by editor... we were a bit drunk :-) ...], here are the details with regards to who's doing what:

Andy Cam : Freelance
Rob : Freelance
Robbie from Wales : Still at MTV
Nina : Planning to start her own company up
Pat : Working at the TV travel channel (gets to go to exotic destinations!!)
Will : Working with Chris Evans and his own TV show!

Curtis said that everyone who worked on Most Wanted misses the show and Ray was a VERY funny man, He said that since MTV split the budget has dropped down and that's why MTV mainly play videos now. We recalled the time when Ray asked Curtis to pose for a prize on MTV and Curtis had to display this amazing Hi-Fi with 50 CD's (remember it?) Curtis said "well I didn't know what to do, Ray gave me this Hi-Fi and said just show it off, so I did!"

We asked Curtis if MTV would ever bring back a show like Most Wanted to which he thought about it for a while and said it is very difficult at this time as MTV COULD bring back such a show but the nearest they are going to get to Most Wanted (& a LIVE show) is Select MTV!

Curtis was really surprised when we told him that Ray had his own web site! Also he said that he hasn't spoken to Ray since Ray left MTV so he doesn't know what he has been up to!

That was basically all we had a chance to speak to Curtis about as he was in a hurry helping other people out with filming and sound for this Party! We managed to take a photo of Andy Cam but again these pics will be up on the site ASAP!

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and all donations to the web site will be much appreciated :)

By: Krish Sharma, RCOL Team reporter

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