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That's me in Corsica, showing off my wet pants just minutes after I had fallen in a small river (268991 bytes)rlaroy / Fox
Reinhard Laroy
22-year-old from Ghent, Belgium
Student Electronics (4th year)  
Speaks fluent English and Dutch + a little bit of French and German.
sites: Ray Cokes Online + The Zone


Dandan.jpg (39021 bytes)el
Dan Larsen
26- year-old from Aalborg, Denmark.
I work in the office of a transport company.
Hobby is Internet. Other than that I like to watch tv (Gawd... it can be hard to keep up with all the soaps and series that are on) :)


krish.jpg (34368 bytes) Krish Sharma

The Ray Cokes Die Hards

Trineline/Miss Jchat_TrineO.jpg (51138 bytes)
Trine Okholm
Hometown: Holstebro, Denmark
Age: 21
Homepage: (GB FANS - Gary Barlow)
Hobbies: Westlife, and chatting, reading and writing ...
marieke / mariekeacchat_marieke.jpg (95877 bytes)
Marieke Soeterbroek
Home town: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Age: 20
Studies: Hotel management school (4th year)
Hobbies: hobbies...hobbies? I hate that word!!!!! but if you really wanna know, I love to watch sports and movies. I also love music and of course the internet. That's about it!
Marieke in jail?!Here is the newest picture of Marieke (she is the one on the right)
Lasse LangkjaerSirB - no link to larger picture
Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark
Age: 23
More details: I'm a student on The Engineering College of Copenhagen where I study Production Engineering (for more info you can go to: )
Interests: Sport, badminton, tennis, running and so on..., going out (movies, theater seeing my friends)



Hometown: Midlands, UK.
Age: 24
Details: Work in an IT department
Hobbies: Computers, Internet, TV, Music etc...
Web Site:
Piahymy.JPG (20575 byte)
Hometown: Finland
Age: 28
Work: With a weekly magazine
Hobbies: loves animals, traveling and good company
Wants Ray back on her screen!
tommy.jpg (23567 byte)_-Tom-_
Thomas Hunter
Hometown: Salzburg, Austria
Work: Studied communication science and history, currently working as a freelance communication manager.
Hobbies: sports, reading, travelling, music, cinema, internet/computers...


Please mail in your personal details (you decide how much info that you want to give away)  to one of the editors and we'll put them up on this page. A picture would be nice too...

Mr. Sex God

RayCokes / rcokes / MCCokes
Ray Cokes
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