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Sunday 21st of March 1999
The very first chat was a big success. A large amount of the club members joined the yahoo chat room. After 2 hours we moved to IRC Undernet because Ray was unable to get in. (He had forgotten his pasword). There we chatted with Ray about his past and his future plans. Ray also enjoyed it and he promissed to do an IRC chat every fortnight. (Transcript (text file - 46kB))
Sunday 4th of April 1999 - Easter Sunday
Chat 2. A couple of us started to experiment with Netmeeting and the others continued the old fashioned way: typing. Ray was unable to join: he had to attend an Easter dinner at his brother's house. But he joined us for a short chat the next day. He told us about a possible TV show in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
(Transcript (text file - 3kB))
Sunday 18th of April 1999
No info available due to technical error (well, Adri just had to much wine and forgot to log the chat :-). If any one has a chat log from this day, please send it in to us...
Sunday 2nd of May 1999
Another good chat :-)
(Transcript (text file - 24kB))
Friday 16th of July 1999
And the fun just doesnīt seem to end :-)
(Transcript (text file - 27kb)).
Sunday 5th of September 1999
Ray gives away some details about his new show.
(Transcript (text file - 34kb)).
Sunday 29th of September 1999
The fans just didnīt stop talking today. Itīs one of our longest chats every :-)..... Some boys īn girls were being a bit naughty hehehe.
(Transcript (text file - 35kb)).
Saturday 9th of October 1999
The first chat on a saturday evening and probably the last one too. Only two people turned up. No log...
Sunday 5th of December 1999
(Transcript (text file - 37kb)).
Wednesday 15th of December 1999
A special one-off daytime yahoo webchat with superstar Ray Cokes.
The web chat went... but not very vividly. Only 3 persons showed up beside Ray. So it was a quiet session. Ray didn't say much about his plans. He once again mentioned the "FridayNetLive" show. He was very optimistic about that. No log... (Yahoo does not offer that feature :( )
Wednesday 29th of December 1999
Trine is back and we also added the webchat option for the first time. Chris was the first one to try it out. Ray turned up to wish us a Happy New Year and thank his fans for all their support during '99
(Transcript (text file - 29kb))
Sunday 23rd of January 2000
This was a nice and long chat. We had a few new members join in. Thanks for coming by Kirsten, Puti and Kinkster. The "Best of" show on MTV Germany did help refresh people's minds a bit. :) Ray came too and entertained the girls...
(Transcript (text file - 47kb))
Sunday 20th of February 2000
Not much of Ray tonight. He was not home, but still took some time to drop in and say hi from his friend's computer. Thank you for that Ray. A few newbies today too, Niki_bs and Cy (you can now see him on the chat regulars page). Marieke was baby.. err.. kid-sitting, and hearing strange noises... hmmmm! All in all a nice chat, just wish more people would come...
(Transcript (text file - 49kb))
Sunday 26th of March 2000
Ray made an appearance again. He was out, but dropped by from a friend's computer. Later he joined us from his own computer at home. He had exciting news about shows he was working on, but read for yourself. This time we also had a few newcomers - welcome to the club.
(Transcript (text file - 52kb))
Sunday 30th of April 2000
New chat participant record! Thanks to you all for coming. It was a very good chat this time, and Ray was able to stay during most of it. Due to some server problems we had a bad start, but after a move to Undernet it went smooth from there on. We apologize for a little messy log. Most of the chat should be there.
(Transcript (text file - 56kb))
Sunday 28th of May 2000
This time we once again had a nice and cosy chat. We didn't have as many guests as last time, but it was a decent turnout nevertheless. Ray had a few announcements, but read the log to learn more. Welcome to the new visitors we had today.
(Transcript (text file - 86kb))
Sunday 25th of June 2000
Great chat this evening. Ray stayed for a very long time and told us about his recent show on French tv M6. He also talked some more about the Net show that he hopes will be on air sooner than you can say "woohay". :) Anyway - read the log, it's worth it!
(Transcript (text file - 61kb))
Sunday 6th of August 2000
Only a medium crowd attended the chat tonight, but the few that were there got some interesting thoughts and ideas from Ray. Unfortunately those parts have been censored out of the log for safety reasons, so you had to be there to hear it. Ray spent almost the whole night with us, and we basically had a cosy chat that got rather naughty at times! :)
(Transcript (text file - 54kb))
Sunday 10th of September 2000
Not the biggest crowd ever and Ray didn't show up this time. Maybe the invitations had been sent out too early. Still the ones that came had a good time.
(Transcript (text file - 65kb))
Sunday 1st of October 2000
A nice and cosy, yet at times rather fishy, chat. Ray didn't make an appearance this time either, but it looked like people had a good time anyway.
(Transcript (text file - 65kb))
Sunday 3rd of December 2000
Great chat this time! Ray took part in the chat today, and he spend much time there telling about his plans and his new shows in France. We had a record high turnout for the chat this time. At one point we were 20 people in the room. Thanks to all that came - especially the newcomers!
(Transcript (text file - 90kb))
Friday 29th of December 2000
A special Christmas chat. Ray came and told us his latest news, for instance that the new radio show had been postponed. A nice turnout for a Friday night. Thanks to those that came. The chat wasn't as long as usual, but still very nice...
(Transcript (text file - 18kb))
Sunday 11th of February 2001
A quiet first chat of the new year. Ray didn't attend this time - he was in France. Chat went nice and smooth, not the big discussions, but the ones that came had a good time, I'm sure.
(Transcript (text file - 38kb))
Sunday 8th of April 2001
A small group gathered for this chat, and it turned out to be alright. :) Ray made an appearance and told us about new plans for the future. Some station names have been censored in this log and replaced with "***". Have fun reading...
(Transcript (text file - 66kb))
Sunday 20th of May 2001
Ray joined us to tell a bit about his upcoming show on VH1 UK in June. We had a nice little crowd this time - a few new people. Topics covered everything from crap TV to elephants...?
(Transcript (text file - 78kb))
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