Naughty Nina

nisign.gif (21546 bytes)Nina, where and when were you born?

I was born in Kampala in Uganda on 28 August 1970. That makes me 26 years old and I'm not married. I'm not going to get married for a long time. There's no rush is there?

What about your hobbies?

Cooking, every kind of food. I really love food and I love wine. Music, I really like jazz and funk. Travelling, painting, photography. I like fashion and designing clothes. Collecting art and going to art galleries.

What kind of jobs did you do before you began working for MTV?

I went to University and got a French and Spanish degree. In between then I've done masses of jobs. I've worked in bars, in restaurants. I've worked in a gentlemens bar [ don't need to guess what kind of bar :)..] as a receptionist. I've worked for Paris airshows.

How did you become involved in television?

It seemed like a good idea at the time. I had a friend and he said to me "go and see this man, he's a real sleeze bag". So I went and visited him with a short skirt and a low cut top and asked him "can I please be an intern". Then I wrote a letter to MTV and said he told me I could be in intern. That's how I got the job.

Recently Pat said "MTV isn't what it used to be". Your comment please.

No, it's not. But then I think that happens to all companies which get succesfull. They expand and then you lose the personal touch that it has. I think it happens everywhere. Such is life. It's note the company. It's the people and a lot of people have moved on.

What was your main role in Most Wanted apart from destroying presents?

It was a bit of everything really. I wasn't running it. I wasn't responsible of actually putting it together.

What is your relation with other team members who used to work for Most Wanted?

I'm quite close to my team members.

Have you ever fancied someone from Club Bed?

No, I didn't really have time cause I was floor manager and had to sort out Ray.

How was it like working for Most Wanted?

I loved it. It was fantastic. It was live and it was interactive. X-Ray Vision wasn't as entertaining. The best thing about TV was that you got to travel a lot. We went on so many shoots abroad. That was fantastic.

What was your first impression of Ray?

Very sweet, very nice. He's a very good presenter. He's excellent and very funny. He's natural.

You also did Chere MTV, how did that happen?

I only did Chere MTV because the original presenter who got the job had to brush up her English before she could present the show.

wanted0.jpg (23091 bytes)How did you end up doing Wanted?

I know Ian Steward and a lot of people who work in the production team so I got the job.

What do you think of the show concept?

It's not interactive cause you're not asking for people's opinions. It is interactive in the way that we have to use our personalities to talk to people and letting them tell us where the runners are. But that is it. It's a big budget program and is was nice to have worked on it, but it isn't my favorite type of program.

How naughty are you?

I'm quite naughty.

How did you feel when X-Ray Vision ended?

Relief. The whole MTV thing wasn't working. They couldn't provide us with what we wanted. There's a whole different thing going around at MTV these days; it's more a political game which we don't want to get involved with. We just wanne make telly.

How did you get a job at Kiss FM Berlin?

Ray got it for me. Ray said: "Do you fancy doing some radio, do you fancy doing some travelling to Germany every weekend?". I said "yes" without thinking about what it actually ment. It was an interesting experience. It kind of passed quite quickly. I enjoyed it. The most amazing thing about Voll auf Cokes is that we went in and just talked crap for 3 hours and they loved it. Everyone was really friendly. The Germans where lovely. There was a great vibe going on at Kiss FM. The Germans where friendly.

Do you know something funny which happened to you at MTV?

When I first started working with Ray I was at my desk and I didn't know him very well. There was a big group of Japanese tourists who came running around the building and Ray didn't want to talk to them. So he sat underneath my desk for 1,5 hours.

Could you tell us something more about The United States of Europe [..Rays new show..]?

Well, it's a big budget show and it will be broadcasted about three times a week. It will be linking up to different countries all over Europe. Bringing the people to the stars. It will be like Most Wanted but even better. Negotiations with major networks are in progress. Television moves so slowly.

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