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Previous polls

Poll Stats
Do you like the new look of the site?
Answer  %  Number
Yes, it is great! 55 30
It is alright. 20 11
Nah, not really. 7 4
No, it blows! 11 6
I do not care. 7 4
Total Answers : 55

I guess we did something right on the new design... 75% in favour of the blue look we came up with. -Thanks :)

Poll Stats

When would you prefer the chats were held?
Answer  %  Number
Sunday evening as now 55 24
Sunday afternoon 7 3
Weekday evening 36 16
Weekday afternoon 2 1
Other - please email us. 0 0
Total Answers : 44

This poll clearly showed that there is most interest in keeping the chats on Sunday evenings, as we are doing them now.

Poll Stats
Do you think an Internet based show will be succesful?
Answer  %  Number
Yes, just like Most Wanted. 46 83
Yes, amongst the fan group. 8 15
Maybe, if it gets good promotion. 4 8
No, it is too technical. 1 3
No, quality is too poor and modems still too slow. 38 68
Total Answers : 177

A very dividing question it seems... just as many people think it will be a succes, as think it will be a failure... Let's just hope it will turn out to be a succes once Ray gets a show running... Thanks to the great number of people voting in this poll!

Can you see/hear Ray's new shows?
Yes, I can see Union Libre and hear the radio show. (2) **************** 10%
I can see Union Libre only. (4) ******************************** 21%
I can hear the radio show only. (1) ******* 5%
Nope, can't see nor hear any of them... :( (12) *************************************************************************************************** 63%
Total: 19 votes.

Seems many people can't see the appearance of Ray in the Union Libre Show. 63% have been unable to watch it.
It's remarkable that some people have been been able to hear the radio show though, since it hasn't even been on. It was postponed to start in February 2001...

Do you make New Year's resolutions?
Yes, but I never keep them... (3) ***************************** 13%
Yes, and this year I WILL keep them! (1) ********* 4%
I might, if I'm drunk enough... (3) ***************************** 13%
Nope, I never keep them anyway. (10) *************************************************************************************************** 43%
No, It's a stupid tradition. (6) *********************************************************** 26%
Total: 23 votes.

Thanks for voting. So most of you don't bother making New Year's resolutions. 66% either don't keep them or just think the tradition is stupid.

Will you tune in to Ray's new radio show?
Yes!!! Every Saturday! (10)*********************** 16%
Yes, as often as I can. (42)*************************************************************************************************** 70%
Now and then... (1)* 1%
Nope. (3)****** 5%
Who is Ray? (4)********* 6%
Total: 60 votes.

Great number of people voting this time. Thanks. It is just too bad that the radio show did not happen afterall. The show was cancelled due to negotiations not ending with a useful result. By the look of this poll, Ray would have had a lot of listeners.


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