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Ray Cokes Online has moved!

Well, we had to move the website to another server. We used to have a free account with a company called BizLand, but they have decided to stop offering free services.

Instead we have now moved the entire site to a free account at Tripod, so basically you shouldn't feel the big difference. The only difference will be that for a few months we will not be able to use our domain because of a few technical difficulties. We hope to have this straightened out in the future.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Ray Cokes Online Team,

Dan, Reinhard & Krish.

Web chat option

We have added an option to join our chats directly from this site. So now you don't need to know how to use IRC to chat with your idol. Just go here!

Previous Polls

If you are interested in seing how the results of the polls we had in the past have turned out, then you can find them here: Previous Polls

New Look

We have been revamping the entire site. This should hopefully make your stay an even more pleasant one. For instance the main page has been reduced a lot, so you now should have an easier time looking it over.

On this page you will find the latest news about new additions to the site. News about Ray will be published on the main page and explained in detail in articles in the News Center. Hope you all like what we have done here...

The Ray Cokes Online Team.

A list of all the recent updates can be found on the fontpage

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