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 SUNDAY, May 4th, 1997 (the premiere show)

wantedh.gif (2270 bytes)As usual we arrived way too early. This time we wanted to make sure that we could find the studio in time as we had never been there before. Well, actually the studio was easy to find. The studio is part of a larger complex consisting of five studios. There are lots of productions being made there, ranging from commercials and football supporters club songs to one of the most popular shows in Britain; Wanted ! It's quite an old complex, but it almost makes you feel at home.

As it was the first show, all production team members were really nervous and busy (somone even told us they were still building the set, an hour before live transmission). We did not manage to get to talk to anyone before the show. All audience members were guided into an empty studio, well, with lot's of chairs of course :). There we had to wait a while before going into the Wanted studio. They even got us a couple of drinks, though we were advised not to drink too much because they didn't want us to "need to go some place" in the middle of the show.

Around 6 pm we met the audience manager of Wanted. He's responsible for keeping the audience 'in shape'. He took us all into the Wanted studio an began explaining how the show works. We won't attempt to explain it to you, cause we ourselves are still working it out :). He's a really funny bloke and made us all feel very comfortable. Right before the show Ray turned up and said hello to the audience. He really hasn't changed a bit and still is the old and bald funny guy we all know. You could see that Ray was really nervous (poor bloke) but as soon as we went into live transmission it didn't seem to effect him at all. He did really great.

The purpose of the programme is to track down the runners who are hiding at public telephones. This has to be done within the duration of the show (so that's one hour). The Wanted studio is really nice. It's round and has one enterance which looks like a tunnel. There it lots of

Wanted is purly a game show with no performing artists so every show has the same contains. This time only one team of runners survived so that means there will be two new teams who have to play the most high teck version of hide and seek... Wanted !

SUNDAY, May 11th, 1997

Yes folks, it's another Sunday... -> another Wanted ! The second show of the new series to be precise. So what happend this week ??? Well, before we continue we'll first try to explain the rules of the game a little bit more...

wanted2.jpg (24280 bytes)During the show the runners have to hide in phone boxes which could be anywhere in the UK. There's a camera in every phone box which is pointed at them and the images are sent back to the studio. In the studio the trackers can see the runners, but also part of the background of the location where the phone box is. The trackers have exactly one hour to find out where the runners are and catch them. If viewers at home recognize the location of the phone box they can phone the studio. If their information directly leads to a catch they can win 1.000 pounds. So the runners have both the public and the trackers looking for them. However, viewers in favour of the runners can also call the studio and give false directions to misguide the trackers... So no-one can be trusted.

The trackers are trained professionals (don't try this at home kids :) ) and will not be replaced; they are hired by Wanted to try and track down the runners. The runners are people just like you an me. They applied to be a runner and can win up to 7.000 pounds every week. "But how can they get the cash", you may ask...

Besides the hour that the runners have to hide, they also have to perform a special task every day. So the viewers see just one hour of the game, the actual game lasts a whole week. After the runners are selected from the audience they will be given a task by Ray. For example: go on a surf course every day. That means the runners have to go out and surf every day. For every day that the manage to do their task they will be given 1.000 pounds. So if they manage to do it every day they could win 7.000 pounds... Not bad euh, but there are a few catches to it:

If a tracker finds them and manages to film the runners whilst they are doing their special task they don't get any money for that day;

The runners are traveling through the UK, but once they've been at a certain area they cannot return there. So their freedom of movement becomes limited after a while;

If the trackers spot the runners in the phone box during the last hour of the game (meaning whilst the Wanted show is on air) they lose everything;

So you see, it's not just during wanted that the game is running, it runs the whole week. But enough about the rules, let's move on to what has happend this week:

Well, as you know two teams of runners where caught last week. Only June & Clarice managed to survive. But could they outsmart everyone for a second time. No chance, they were easy prey for tracker Sarah Odell. During the week they were filmed doing their special tasks several times so no luck there either. However, they've still won quite a lot of money from last week. They were a happy bunch of runners and we will miss them. Good luck girls...

Elaine and Bernardine, a new team selected last week, also were unable to keep out of hands of Paul Denchfield. They didn't win anything. Some people just don't seem to have any luck... Sorry, but it's GAME OVER for you two...

The only team which managed to remain untouched by both trackers and viewers were Phil and Steve who survived the hunt. As we've told you the runners must perform a task everyday without being filmed. Well, these guys managed to get filmed several times so they were only playing for 3000. Fortunatly for them the trackers didn't get them. So they've not only got the money, but can play next week as well. Their new task will be to go to weddings and throw confetti at the couple and kiss either the bride (or the birde groom, but we think they won't do that :)...

The first new team consists of Melody and Lindsey who'll have to be work as a shepherdtake and not lose any sheep. The second new team are Donna and Vincent. They have to go to a different football club every day and clean the trophies. Sounds, interesting... But will they succeed ?

Watch Wanted on Channel 4 at 18:00 and find out !

Sunday, May 18th, 1997

Well as you now know from last week only Phil and Steve managed to survive and could they do it again ?? Find out towards the end !

But the two new teams, the first of which was Lindsey and Melody had to go on a farm and perform the role of a shepard, did they manage to do well during the week by pulling wool over Andys eyes or were they fleeced ??? Well, Phil & Steve were in a conversation with Lindsey & Melody and Victoria, the tracker for Phil and Steve, managed to overhear what they were saying and apparently Phil said to the girls "so you are in a cinema in Gloucester" which tipped off Andy leading to a capture on Thursday, which means that they were playing for a cool 6000 pounds ! BUT unfortunately as Paul Denchfield used to study in Cambridge, which is where they were hiding it wasn't looking so good for them and about halfway through the show they were CAPTURED !! by Paul Denchfield once again ! SORRY LINDSEY & MELODY BUT


The other new team from last week was Donna & Vincent who decided to hide out in North East London. But their task from last week was to go to a different football club every day and clean the trophies. Well infact it was the other way round as this time they caught Matthew (the tracker) looking for them !! But they were caught on saturday which means that they were playing for another cool 6000 pounds ! And they DID manage to shake everyone off as no-one has ever been caught in London before and no-one probably ever will. Infact the trackers didn't even get close to them so they have won 6000 plus another 1000 for tipping the trackers off as to where abouts they actually were hiding so thats 7000 pounds... WELL DONE GUY and GIRL !!

The last team of course was Phil & Steve who decided to hide out in Glasgow. Their task during the week was to go to weddings and throw confetti at the couple and kiss COMPLETE STRANGERS !! Well it wasn't four weddings and a funeral but one wedding and four funerals as they were caught every day apart from Thursday. The first day that they were caught they didn't even do the task as no-one was getting married around that area ! So on Sunday they were playing for a mild 1000 pounds ! PLUS another 1000 for giving a clue to the trackers which means they were playing for 2000. And, yes for the second week running, they have managed to shake off VICTORIA FAYE !!! BUT one of the reasons that they did was the live link-up between Victoria and the studio went down half way through the show and the only contact that the trackers in the studio had with Victoria was on the phone and even that kept on breaking down ! So it's WELL DONE AGAIN TO PHIL & STEVE !!

So the new contestants for this week are two guys called John & Angus who allegedly share an allotement together !! BUT their task for this week is to take a different flying lesson every day... Lets see if they do it... GOOD LUCK GUYS !!!

Sunday, May 25th, 1997

Ray started off the show by saying "Hello my name is Ray Cokes and for the next 60 minutes you are WANTED." Ray is back to his usual antics, almost (most) wanted but not quite. In this Sundays episode:

Ray asked Oengus & John what they had done and they gave just a little bit too much detail but never mind. Ray said to Andy, who is a tracker in the studio "You've got a big chest but only one badge...wish I could say that to one of the girls but never mind !!"

The funniest moment of this weeks show was when Ray was speaking to one of the trackers in the studio: "I'm sorry, I'm just getting a live satellite link... Donna & Vincent, I've got a live satellite link coming into the studio. Something that we haven't rehearsed and they are saying this is a special message for you so please listen closely Donna..." Then Ray asked to roll the tape !!! The message was from little Katie who is Donna & Vincent's daughter who they hadn't seen for two weeks now. Her message was "Hello mummy daddy...I love you mummy daddy." Donna started to cry ! Then Ray went "Little Katie actually kissed the TV screen aswell and she got the satellite link set up herself and everything!"

Ray then prompted the viewers with the number to call: "But before you pick up that phone and dial in ask yourself this question... Are you mean enough to break little Katie's heart ???" He came close to the camera when saying "GO ON, DO IT DO IT DO IT. SOME PEOPLE WILL DO A LOT MORE FOR 1000 POUNDS THAN THAT !!"

wanted0.jpg (23091 bytes)Now, Ray was into the Internet in a big way and he was curious as to what was going on, on the Internet. So he went to the person who runs the Internet in the studio: "We've got another game going on, on the Internet as you know we have a very active site on and you can join in a prediction pool where each week all of our Internet friends predict who's going to get caught and who isn't going to get caught... And there is a guy who has got it right every week and who predicted that all three will get caught this week", he said, "I tell you what; if you are watching, and I know you are because you always watch very closely and then criticize my mistakes on the Internet, Thanks very much ! If you get that right tonight, I will give you a bottle of champagne alright ?"

Now this was quite unfair on the audience (I thought) as Ray was giving 1000 pounds to people who ring up and bottles of champaigne to people on the Internet (apart from the Ray Cokes Home Page Team !!!) and just as I was thinking this, Ray talked to the audience: "Now hang on a minute, excuse me everybody, you can't join in for the 1000 pounds reward because you are here, and you can't join in with the champaigne on the Internet because you are here, so how about we have a studio vote to see who's going to get caught and who's not going to get caught, and if you get it right I will give each and every one of you a bottle of champagne. Hang on, hang on, hang on a minute, I just have to check that with my director. -- A bottle of champagne for everyone in the studio (puts finger in ear and waits for response) ... you can't say that live on TV ! ... We'll take that as a yes OK."

Then we (the audience) had the vote and we voted that Oengus & John won't get caught, Donna & Vincent won't get caught and Phil & Steve will get caught. [Just for the record Oengus & John managed to play for a whopping 4000 pounds, Donna & Vincent were playing for 6000 pounds and Phil & Steve were playing for 3000 pounds.]

To choose the new teams, Ray gets hold of the camera and searches through the audience members until he gets in the actual runners as the runners are sitting with the normal audience. Victoria & Charlotte and Joanne & Pat are the new teams for next week. At the end of the show, the Wanted crew came out with the bottles of champagne for us but Ray said "No, they were wrong" so unfortunately we didn't get the champaigne !!!

Sunday, June 1st, 1997

Ray began the show by saying "Hello, Hello, Hello......OK 6.32 on a Sunday evening. If you're looking for religion...IT'S ON THE OTHER SIDE!!" A bit later, he asked "Before we go on, is there anyone in from Poland tonight...YES?? 2-0 (to England)!!! Ha, Ha."

Ray then explained a bit about how the show works, then went to speak to John & Oengus who were playing in Bracknell who managed to evade capture from Paul last week. Ray then asked them to give a message to Paul to which they said "Sorry to him (for last week) and keep taking the medicine." Paul drove through a load of water which sprayed everywhere and Ray said "That's a bit unnecessary Paul...and by the way if you've just tuned in that was not a car commercial that was Paul Denchfield showing off!!"

He then went to Joan & Pat who were live from Sheffield. "You're both from Manchester, you both have husbands called Tony who both claim to be 35 years old, you both have two children and you both have dogs... So haven't you two got anything in common??" They replied "We both laugh a lot!!" Ray then said "Lets hope you keep laughing tonight and the trackers stay well away from you!!" Sarah Odell was chasing them this week.

The final team was Victoria & Charlotte who were Live from Swansea. Ray said to them "Now you wo have had more laughs than I've had so far, its not fair." John McMahan was chasing them this week.

This week the public had a choice to vote for which pair of runners to send out if any of this weeks unners got caught. Out of four teams, there was a different phone number for each team and the results were totalled up, the team with the most votes could run next week.

Victoria & Charlotte managed to clock up a huge total of 0000!! Its a first in Wanted history!! So, Ray said to them "If you get caught tonight you could loose the lot!! ... If you do get caught tonight and you do loose the lot I'll pay for you to get your roots re-done OK??"

Joan & Pat (or Cilla Black as Ray calls Pat) managed to get 3000 for the whole week!! Ray brought in Phil & Steve to Victoria & Charlotte's phone box to help them out, and gave them a few tips. Pauls link went down this week. John & Oengus were playing for 5000 this week.

In the end, NO-ONE WAS CAUGHT!!! That's never happened in the new series of Wanted!!! So Victoria & Charlotte's task for next week is to be a plumbers mate and Ray commented "I think I might change my profession for next week." Joan & Pat's task is to have a lesson in a different martial art each day. John & Oengus's task is to be bell boys at a luxury hotel for a morning.

At the end of the show, Ray went "Thanks to all the useless trackers!! Thanks for your time...BYE!!"

More details about the last show still to come...


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