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I've always wanted to front a live show with loads of high technology at my command, and now I've got what I wanted - Wanted !

(Ray after becoming the presenter of Wanted)

During the summer of 1997, Ray presented a show on channel 4 (UK) called WANTED. Every week he hooked millions of TV viewers into an exhilarating nation-wide game of hide and seek.

Game Rules

This live game consisted of runners (the hunted) and trackers (the hunters). In the first round the public at home got the chance to win a large sum of money (1000) by spotting one of the runners and turning them in. The viewers that found one of the runners, phoned the Wanted headquarters (while the show was on air) and if their information led directly to a "capture", the money was theirs.

And even if the runners managed to evade the prying, betraying eye of the public, were they tough enough to outwit and out manoeuvre SIX trackers? This time round, each pair of runners had a pair of trackers on their trail. And just to spice things up a bit, the trackers had an extra incentive to secure the 'capture' - a pot of money given to the team of trackers that scored the most 'kills'.

Could the runners survive? Could they trust their friends and family anymore? Were they tough enough, not only to complete their special daily tasks, but to take on a nation of bounty hunters? 5,000 people thought they were. That's the number of people that wanted to become runners.

The runners had to successfully perform a daily task without being seen by the tracker to win the 7000 weekly prize. Now they could win extra money by accepting 'dares' live on air from the phone box.

And what of the trackers? They consisted of adrenaline junkie Victoria Fay and 28 year old Londoner Paul Denchfield, who was joined by mountaineering expert Matthew Randall, Yves Saint Laurent model and athlete Sarah Odell, cabbie Andy Stewart (who was a successful runner in the first series), and professional bodyguard John McMahon - who was Victoria Fay's minder in the first series.

Wanted - the hunt is on...24 hours a day.
They can run, but they can't hide - from you!

Show reports

For the people who could not receive Channel 4, we offer Show Reports from within the studios. Yes, your favourite Website was with every single show live in the studio !

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