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After I'd read Sonja's article about Cologne I thought I can tell a story or two as well, so I decided to write something about my first "encounters" with the Most Wanted-crew :

It was in summer 1995 when I planned a trip to London to visit my fave TV-presenter and the cutest (sorry!) cameraman on earth, I'd spoken to Ray on the phone a couple of times, after all I'd watched the show since the beginning of Ray's Requests and during my last phone call he promised to let me in when I'd come around.

It was the 20th July (I think) when I'd finally made it to the studio, the security guard looked a bit distracted when I told him I wanted to see Ray Cokes, after all I'd had to make my way through the masses of young girls and boys who were waiting outside to get a glimpse of someone famous. Ok, I told him that it was alright and I really wanted to speak to Nina or Rob (Lewis) (that were still the times when MTV was like a fortress and nobody was allowed to get in). He got on the phone and a few minutes later Robbie came running in taking me to the hall where I was told to sit down and wait for Nina to come who was still out with Ray to discuss tonight's letters, I was really surprised to hear Robbie talking in this high voice, I thought he'd made it up for the show but it was real !

So I sat in the hall waiting when suddenly Nina came running in, she picked me up and took me to the kitchen to get us a drink, after that we went into the studio, where people were busy preparing everything for the show. Nina told me to sit down in a chair where a few years later club bed was placed. I watched the "crew" running around and Wet Wet Wet walk in (that night's guest) when Nina came back to me. She said she thought Marti Pellow (singer W.W.W.) was gorgeous, I told her her she was right but he was not as gorgeous as Rob. Now that was something for Nina, she went up to Ray (who was already sitting behind the counter and'd already welcomed me) and whispered something in his ear, Ray shouted something to Rob, he went up to the counter and they were talking about something, after their conversation Rob came up to me and said "hello", I can't remember what we talked about but I was so happy having talked to him.

Then the show started, Rob, Greg and Ben on camera and Ray in really good form, it was all true Ray always told us, e.g. about Greg who was leaning on the monitor making dodgy (but very funny) comments about Flossy. And it was true what Rob once said about Ray, that he's taking a little bit of the truth and expanding on it or twisting it around, of course you could never ever be angry with him cause he's got such a sweet personality.

Most of the jokes and comments in the studio weren't picked up by Ray's microphone (sadly) and the crew had a great laugh doing the show, it was such an easy atmosphere although Ray was unhappy with his talk-back at the beginning.

When the whole thing had finished (not before Ray running up to me borrowing my goody-bag to show it to the whole of Europe and introducing me to the whole of Europe : "This is Simone and... she is Rob's secret lover", thanx Ray, I wish I was !), well, when they'd finished everybody kept moving out and I took some photographs and I asked Ray to sign his script for me what he did immediately :"stay safe ! and don't believe all you read ! Love to Simone ...Ray xxx"

When you're a fan of his Cokesness or you've watched the show from time to time I don't need to tell you what this all meant to me and that was only the start, alltogether I've met him 4 times (Cologne included) and everytime he was so friendly and lovely. Everytime people at MTV were so nice to me, it's a shame it all had to fall apart, I miss those times but I can understand Ray had to move on. If you wanna hear anything else, want some old photos/videos or if you can tell anything new about Ray, Rob, Nina, anyone, basically, let me know (eMail :

A special thanks goes out to Simone Oberg for sending us her Ray experience.

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