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Hello Europe....

You've reached your pages! Yes, that's right, these pages are meant for you and are made by you. We'd like everyone to get involved so grab some pen and paper (or, if you're a modern boy or girl, your keyboard) and tell us all about your Ray experiences.

This is what you've send in till now:
Ray in Cologne - by Sonja Ehlen from Germany
In the studio - by Simone Oberg from Germany
My day with Ray - by Simon Longman from the UK
Another Day - by Paul Merrick from the UK
About MW - by Paul Merrick from the UK

Would you like to share your experiences of watching/meeting Ray with others?... the 'Ray Cokes Online' team are looking for fans who are interested in writing an article or story about one of Ray's shows - i.e. Most Wanted, X-Ray Vision, Ray's Request, etc. If you wish to contribute such a piece; please send it to the team in an E-Mail, and your article might become a part of the site!


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