Union Libre




Union Libre

This is the title of the newest project Ray is involved in on TV.

The show is a French production, that discusses different issues in relation to the European culture and the people of the EU.

Issues may be how people in different European countries looks at marriage, social life, food etc...

The show is broadcast on French channel "France2" every Saturday at 19.00 CET (6 pm UK).

The show is rerun on the French channel "TV5" that is available on satellite all over the World. Many cable companies in Europe carry this channel, so there should be a chance for you to see Ray in (french) action!

The times of the transmissions on TV5 apparantly varies depending on where you recieve the station from. But on the channel called "TV5 Europe" in the logo on the top left corner of the screen, it should be on on Sunday afternoons (we are told). And on TV5 FBS it is on very late Tuesday night and again on Wednesdays around 18.30 CET.

Here is a letter that we recieved about the show:

Hi there,

I was so happy to be able to see Ray on the telly again! (and in french !?!)

He's on the french channel France 2 and represents England in a show about
There's a main presenter (Christine Bravo) who hosts the shows, and current
"reviewers", that introduces reports or gadgets or specificities on the
European country they "embody".

I couldn't find any links to a site for that show, but it's on France 2
If I find something new, I'll let you know...



Here are a few snapshots from the show, that was made by Peter Neuhaus - thanks Peter!

Click the pictures to see a larger version...

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1643.jpg (25548 byte)

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