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Will McDonald left MTV after Most Wanted, because ha had received an interesting offer from his showbiz pall Chris Evans. So he started directing 'Don't forget your toothbrush' and at the moment he's still guiding Chris through 'TFI Friday'

Will has also done a little bit of presenting himself: In the Autumn of 1998, he presented a college quiz on BBC2. According to several other sources, he has also been spotted as a reporter for BBC's 'The Clothes Show'


Naughty Nina stayed with MTV for a couple of months after X-Ray Vision ended: she became the presenter of 'Chère MTV' and she also made a couple of music specials. In the Autumn of '96, she joined Ray on Kiss FM. The next year (summer '97), she worked with Pat behind the scenes of 'Wanted'. **** Recently she has been spotted on the BBC in a clip promoting Red Nose Day. According to Ray, she's mostly busy with making small videos


Rob, the cameraman left MTV when Most Wanted had 2 seasons left, to work for Live TV. But he returned to capture Ray on X-Ray Vision. After that he mainly covered golf tournaments and he also did some freelance work for MTV


Pathetic Pat helped Ray through 'Wanted' and he also traveled through the country for the 'Send Pat' segment on Ray's Virgin Radio show, after that segment was cancelled he started answering the phones on that same show. At the moment Pat is working for the Travel Channel.


Bananu stayed with MTV for a much longer time. He and his bodyguard sidekick acted as a bodyguard service during  a couple of jokes for MTV's Hang Out and they also presented some shows of MTV Amour together with VJ Camilla...


Hippie Hector got his own show on Live TV in Birmingham or Manchester.


Craig, Andy and Ben stayed at MTV for at least 2 more years (not sure what they do now...)

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